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EuroTube VMC Front view

EuroTube VMC is a doble mono-stereo vacuum tube
compressor-limiter based on vari mu compressor-limiters designed in the 50's and adapted to the needs of  current audio technician in his regular work place.

The ergonomic concept is present in  the design, as much outside, in the controls distribution, conectors and indicators, thougt to make easy light job so it doesn't make you fatigue as time go by, as inside, provide with the best electronics that 50's audio engineers developed and nowadays supplemented with desing and circuit simulation by software, that now allow much lower level noise and made what before was a big and heavy audio gear with huge controls, in an standard 3U 19" rack box with good shape and at the same time keep and improve the original sonic features of original desings.


At a first sight EuroTube VMC compressor-limiter  front panel, we note, center locate, both gain reduction meters. Center position, allows a quick understanding of the two gain reduction meters show, faster than if they where placed at the end of the panel.

Light of the meters can be adjust from the control at the rear panel, allowing to work in different lighting backgrounds.

 Just below the meters, centered as well, the common controls for two both channels are found,  Stereo Link control, allows to link the process equally for both channels, Bypass L & R controls  let you made a real input signal route without process to output, no matter the output channel. The fact that both controls are centered in the panel, made possible the A/B comparison between the original signal and processed signal to do it in a intuitive and quick way with just a hand.

 At the extremes of the panel are distributed independent controls for each chanel, at the top of the panel there are time base controls like Attack and Release, which offer 36 posible adjust combinations, at the botton of the panel dinamic controls like Input Gain, Threshold y DC Threshold, which offer 40 possible  adjust combinations each of them, allowing you to work with precision.

 The aluminium control knobs allow a soft  adjust and a nice touch, showing accurate position.

 Finally the permanet graphics show us all the needed information in detail to stablish a relaxed and intuitive work flow shown in the whole front panel.

Rear Panel Right

The controls and conectors distribution in the rear panel allows the gear integration in the audio studio in an excellent way as it is provided of normalized parts, making  easy the conecctions to other audio gear through balanced lines and  too compressor tabletop instalation or in our regular rack stand, could be switch it on or off locally or remote if necessary.

The side chain balanced inputs allow to control compression level to apply all kind of filters and effects as HPF, de-esser, dacking, etc. from our work audio desk.

Rear Panel Center

At the center of the rear panel are the adjust controls, that just need retouch in case of maintenance of the unit as Balance, Zero and Light, deliberately  located inside so  won't lose adjust accidentally. They can be approached from the outside, with the proper tool through the holes in the panel without having to open the unit.

 Just below the controls previously mention, a big ventilation rack holes are opened, which ease a right refrigeration of the electronic circuits.

Rear Panel Left

The AC input and the audio signal inputs/outputs are placed on the panel as far as possible,  one from the others, avoiding electromagnetic and radiofrecuency induction.

A solid normaliced 3U 19" rack box,  allows to give all the electronic circuits the porper insulation against interferences and mades possible its instalation in normalice rack  structures of any kind, fixed or mobile.

EuroTube VMC Inside


At the right it is placed the power supply, provided with an EMI/RFI filter, high performance toroidal transformer and low electromagnetic losses,  a big capacitors bank and a  inductor provide the amplifiers clean and constant energy.

The slow turn on allows to increase the vacumm tube duration remarkably.

 In the center, the both chanels L&R compression units, provided of control amplifier, side chain and time base, do the balanced signal process in the shortest route possible.

 The audio signal route through the EuroTube VMC copressor-limiter is fully balanced from input to output, going through just the audio transformers, vacuum tubes  and gain controls, offering a short route, clean and clear sound, with a great stereo image.

 On the left audio transformer tower is placed, totally away from power circuits, provides total isolation between balanced inputs and outputs.

 Specifically designed to keep background noise inherent in all electronic audio gear as far as possible, power lines and signal lines are separated as the rack box dimensions allow and the conductors provide electrostactic screen.

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