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                     EuroTube VMC PCB Top Silk          EuroTube VMC PCB          EuroTube VMC PCB Simulation

EuroTube VMC is a do it  yourself  mounting kit, that once it's finished, give us a high quality vari mu compressor-limiter, suitable for professional audio as well as audio amateurs or educational purposes.

The kit includes all the materials and documents needed for the right mounting and opertation, as schematics diagrams , bill of materials and mounting guide with  pictures of the procedure.

More than 150 metal film resistors, more than 80 capacitors, 14 vacuum tubes, more than 100 semiconductors, 8 audio transformers, 1 filter inductor, 1 power toroidal transformer, stepped selectors and potentiometers, 2 VU meters, 4 PCBs, balanced signal conectors, 1 standard 3U 19'' rack box completely mechanised and much more than 600 parts that allow to made a complete unit.

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