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-          For audio professionals.

Professionals that daily work in the audio business, in any ways, know more than enough the benefits that the vari mu procesors gives your audio material in the analog process.

EuroTube VMC gives the audio professional in his regular work an excellent  sonic features, but at the same time it was thought in an ergonomic way, so in just a quick look to front panel, in addition to what you are  listening from the reference monitors, You have an absolute control on the dinamic process, to bring your work to a good end.

-          For audio amateurs.
Audio amateurs shouldn't be taken away from a good compressor-limiter to work in their DAW because a high price.

If the price is a problem to buy a good vari mu compressor, EuroTube VMC gives you professional level features at a reasonable price. EuroTube VMC with no doubt will result in an improvement of your mix and productions.

-          For professional and audio electronics teachers.

Show your students and colleagues an attractive project to enjoy mounting, use and analysis.

EuroTube VMC provides you all the needed documents for finishing and adjusting. Use the mounting guide at any time, where it is carefully explained all the procedure with schematics diagrams, bill of materials, component  brochures  and pictures  that will give you a reference to finish the unit.

-         For the audiophile.

 If in your collection you are owner of a great number of audio registers, you will find EuroTube VMC very attractive and usefull to complete your audio gear.

Indeed for the most modern audio registers it is not necessary to insert EuroTube VMC in your audio gear, as these register are already coming in a dynamic process, sometimes too much as it is known, but for older registers in tape support, vinil, or even stone, EuroTube VMC will do the listening a pleasure in your ears, using it with measure.

EuroTube VMC PCB 3           EuroTube VMC PCB 4

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